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07 August 2023

Around the Island - Let´s go to Seixal

Praia do Seixal Madeira

Madeira has so many magical places one can visit while here that the hard part will most surely be to choose among them. While in the south of the Island you can find a calmer sea and beaches on the north it could be more difficult to find this steady sea.

What you will probably find is a more rough – still incredibly beautiful though – sea. One of the exceptions can be found at the black sand beach of Seixal.You will see many photos of this beach around the internet but trust me when I say that you will still be amazed when you arrive. The grandeur of the luxurious green mountain touching the black sanded beach is something that amazes me every time and I grew up in Madeira.These days this beach is not such a hidden secret anymore but you can still find a good spot to relax on the sand and plenty of sea to swim in.

Sometimes the sea is so calm you can even swim upside down and after that, on the green side you can even find a natural water course where you can have a quick shower before heading home.

Another great thing about this place is that many locals still go there so you will feel like a Madeirense still.If the sea is having an attitude kind of day you can walk a few meters back and swim at the natural pool in front of Clube Naval do Seixal where you can also lunch (try the octopus sandwich one of my favourites!).If you are heading back to Funchal or to the south of the island you should definetly stop for a traditional poncha at Encumeada and while you are there just enjoy the amazing view of the valley.

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