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17 July 2023

Let´s go to Mercado dos Lavradores

Flowers at Mercado dos Lavradores

When visiting Funchal you cannot miss a visit to Mercado dos Lavradores where you will imediately feel Madeira. This regional market is daily used by locals so expect to feel as one to!

It is well known that Madeira has manny excellent regional fruits and vegetables mostly tue to it´s fantastic subtropical climate and extraordinary fertility of the soils. Mercado dos Lavradores is the best window you will find on the island to testity this. 

This regional market it´s located on a prominent place in the centre of Funchal, can be defined as a living museum where the freshness, vivacity and tropicality of the archipelago's flavours take centre stage. It was first inaugurated on November 24th 1940 and it was designed by a well know arquictect, Edmundo Tavares. If you pay close attention to small details around the building you will find many distinctive signs from Estado Novo Architecture which marked the country by then. Its size and positioning immediately reflected the intention to make the Mercado dos Lavradores the great supply point of the city. The façade, the main door and the fishmonger's shop are decorated with large tile panels from 1940, from the Faience Battistini factory, of Maria de Portugal, painted with regional themes by João Rodrigues.

Since then, this space has been a big part of Madeira everyday life. It has also become a must  visit point for visitors to the island, who take the time to experience all the Madeira flavours and authenticity regional production. If you visit it on Fridays and Saturdays you will find many small farmers that go to sell their small home productions.

You will also find there the fish market where you can by fresh fish every days from local fishermen.

Our Villas are less than 10 minutes walking distance to the market so you can just go there and get all the supplies for a great meal at your private terrace overlooking the sea and Funchal Bay.

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