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  • Funchal Seaside Villas

    Funchal Seaside Villas

    in the old town of Funchal
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Luxury self catering villas in Funchal...

The opportunity to revive your senses and refresh your energy...

Luxurious fully equipped Villas with a stunning seaside terrace overlooking Funchal Bay.
Perfect location 5 minutes walking from main attractions and restaurants, 3 minutes from the beach.
Shared pool with the other two Villas from the property.
Fully Furnished
Fully Furnished
Free Wi-Fi
Free WiFi
Airport Transfers
Airport Transfers
Isabel's Villa - Funchal

Isabel's Villa

Isabel's Villa - Madeira
Sleeps 3 - 1 Bedroom
Isabel's Villa was the first rental house in the property. It is a one bedroom Villa with a stunning terrace over the sea, overlooking Funchal Bay.
Irlanda's Villa

Irlanda's Villa

Funchal Holiday Villa
Sleeps 3 - 1 Bedroom
Irlanda´s Villa is located in the main house. It is a one bedroom Villa with stone walls and garden view. It has a private terrace overlooking the pool, the sea and the Funchal Bay.
Eufemia´s Villa - Funchal

Eufemia´s Villa

Eufemia´s Holiday Villa
Sleeps 5 - 2 Bedroom
Eufemia´s Villa is a luxurious two bedroom Villa with two breathtaking terraces over the ocean and overlooking Funchal Bay.
It is paradise on earth with all the attractions on a 5 minutes short walk to the old town.
Plantation´s Villa - Funchal

Plantation´s Villa

Plantation´s Villa - Madeira
Sleeps 2 - 1 Bedroom

Plantation´s Villa is a one bedroom Villa closest to the sea level. It could also be called the Adventure Villa as it´s a longer way to get there (over 70 steps) and it's in the middle of Banana trees and other vegetable plantations with the sea as a neighbour.

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